Save Money On Federal Business & Personal Taxes!  

This course walks new and existing founders, entrepreneurs and business owners through the federal tax implications of each one of the available business entities with an apples to apples comparison.

By having an apples to apples comparison when it comes to revenue and expenses, business owners can see what entity can work for them from a purely federal tax standpoint.

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Experienced Tax Professional

Kolonji Murray has a degree in Accounting from Hampton University and as the Founder of TaxAssurances, LLC, has been preparing tax returns for other founders, business owners and entrepreneurs since 2010.

Long Term Tax Savings of More Than $375

At a one time cost of $375, this course provides insight that over time offers founders, business owners and entrepreneurs annual and cumulative federal tax savings that compound over time and is much more than the course cost of $375.

Apples To Apples Federal Tax Comparison

Each business entity is assumed to have $100,000 worth of revenue for the year and $25,000 worth of expenses for the year. By making that assumption with every entity, entrepreneurs can get an apples to apples comparison on what the federal tax consequences are for each business entity.

Need Insight on Federal Business Taxes?

Entrepreneurs are always looking to do their best when it comes to running their business. Managing federal tax liabilities is one of those concerns. This course provides insight on how they can best do that.

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Providing Business Tax Advice Since 2011

Located in New Rochelle, NY, TaxAssurances, LLC has been guiding business owners through their tax preparation and planning since 2011.

Manage Your Federal Tax Liability

If you're an entrepreneur, founder or small business owner looking to make sure you are managing your federal tax liability, take this course today. Over time, it can provide huge federal tax savings.

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